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Avaro - cash management platform


BMS offers modern Avaro platform that optimises all cash management processes in a banking institution and reduces costs of cash points. It forecasts cash levels, optimizes transport costs and supports business processes such as cash orders and cash transports.

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Olimpia - liquidity management platform


OLIMPIA is a sophisticated system that supports individually tailored liquidity products for retail and corporate customers and allows for the development of comprehensive products, including domestic and international cash pools, automatic funds investment or intelligent payment re-direction.

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Sailor – financial products sales support platform

Sailor system has been designed as an unified loan products sales support platform. The number and the variety of financial products supported by the system make Sailor the perfect choice for banks, leasing and factoring companies or financial agencies. Sailor can also be used as a sales support tool common for all companies gathered in one capital group.

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Osiris - payment processing automation

For years we have been developing competences in payment processing automation. Payment processing is a very vast area of knowledge subject to frequent changes. Designing Osiris and implementing its functionalities, we did our utmost to meet all the objectives and rigorous demands defined by a modern bank.

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